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Machine learning
  • Introduction to Machine learning
  • A brief explanation of Machine learning algorithms
  • Installation of machine learning algorithms
Scientific computation core libraries
  • Introduction of file handling and modules
  • Programming styles for those handling
  • Introduction of scientific computation core libraries
  • Programming styles for multidimensional array and tools
  • Introduction of statistics
  • Basic terminologies of statistics
  • Sampling techniques
  • Programming styles for statistics
Data manipulation and Analysis
  • Introduction of pandas
  • Programming styles for pandas
  • Steps for data manipulation and Analysis
  • Extraction of the data and converting to local formats
Data Visualization
  • Introduction of Data Visualization
  • Introduction of matplotlib
  • Programming styles for matplotlib
  • Introduction of seaborn
  • Programming styles for seaborn
  • Introduction Bokeh
  • Programming styles of Bokeh
Supervised Learning
  • Introduction of Machine learning algorithms
  • Supervised Learning concept
  • Regression and Classification Algorithm
  • Programming styles for Data preprocessing and feature extraction
  • Application of Machine learning
  • Training and testing Algorithms
Un-Supervised Learning
  • Introduction of Un-Supervised Learning concept
  • Handling Un-labeled Dataset
  • Programming styles for Data preprocessing and feature extraction of unsupervised algorithm
  • Application of Machine learning
  • Clustering the Unlabeled data
  • Data preprocessing and feature extraction of the raw dataset
  • Training and Testing of the model
  • Extraction of the model
  • Predicting the Result

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