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Artificial intelligence:
      • Introduction to Artificial intelligence.
      • A Brief explanation of AI vs ML vs DL.
      • Installation of AI Software.
      • Introduction of scientific computation core libraries.
      • Programming styles for multidimensional array and tools.
Computer Vision:
      • Introduction of Computer Vision.
      • Installation and operations of open-CV.
      • Building up models for open-CV
Facial Detection:
      • Loading Images and other operations with those images.
      • Face Detection using open-CV.
      • Capturing live video and preprocessing.
      • Face Detection on live video streaming in local as well as external host.
Facial Recognition:
      • Introduction of facial recognition Algorithm.
      • Programming styles for these algorithms.
      • Training and testing and building models.
      • Project work 1
Speech Recognition:
      • Introduction of speech recognition.
      • Different ways to implement speech recognition.
      • Customization of Algorithms and speech.
      • Developing a customized Speech detector.
Cloud Controlling:
      • Introduction of Cloud Access.
      • Steps to update and retrieve commands.
      • Application of Cloud Control.
      • Developing a smart home system using Cloud.

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