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Chapter 1:
     o Introduction to Python
     o What is Python and history of Python?
     o Unique features of Python
     o Python-2 and Python-3 differences
     o Install Python and Environment Setup
     o First Python Program
     o Python Identifiers, Keywords and Indentation
     o What are variables?
     o Comments and document interlude in Python
     o Command line arguments
     o Getting User Input
     o Python Data Types
     o Python operators
Chapter 2: Python conditional statements and Looping
     o If , else , elif
     o Indexing and slicing
     o While, for(looping)
     o Break, pass, continue(statements)
Chapter 3: String(Methods),List, Ranges & Tuples in Python
     o Introduction
     o Lists in Python
     o More About Lists
     o Understanding Iterators
     o Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions
     o Introduction
     o Next and Ranges
     o Understanding and using Rangespter 6: HTML-Images
     • More About Ranges
     o Ordered Sets with tuples
Chapter 4: Python Dictionaries and Sets
     o Introduction to the section
     o Python Dictionaries
     o More on Dictionaries
     o Sets
     o Python Sets Examples
Chapter 5:
     o Python built in function
     o Python user defined functions
     o Python packages functions
     o Defining and calling Function
     o The anonymous Functions
     o Loops and statement in Python
     o Python Modules & Packages
Chapter 6: Input and Output in Python
     o Reading and writing text files
     o writing Text Files
     o Appending to Files and Challenge
     o Writing Binary Files Manually
     o Using Pickle to Write Binary Files
     o Create Database
     o Delete or Drop Database
     o Use Database
     o Create Database in SQL Server
     o Rename Database
Chapter 8:SQL Table
     o Create table
     o Create Table in SQL Server
     o Delete or Drop table
     o Insert Data into table
     o Select Distinct
     o Select Top
     o Where Clause
     o Aliases
     o Update Table
     o AND, OR, NOT
     o IN
     o Between
     o Order By
     o Group By
     o Having
     o Exists
     o ANY and ALL
     o CASE Statement
     o Select Into
     o Alter Table
     o Order of execution of a Query
Chapter 9:SQL Aggregate Function
     o Introduction
     o Min
     o Max
     o Count
     o Avg
     o Sum
Chapter 10: SQL Joins
     o Joins Introduction
     o Inner Join
     o Left Join
     o Right Join
     o Full Join
     o Self Join
     o Union
     o Cross Join
     o Advanced Join
Chapter 11:SQL string function
     o Ascii()
     o Char()
     o Ltrim()
     o Rtrim()
     o Lower()
     o Upper()
     o Reverse()
     o Len()
     o Left()
     o Right()
     o CharIndex()
     o SubString()
     o Function Real time Example
     o Replicate()
     o Space()
     o Patindex()
     o Replace()
     o Stuff()



Chapter 1: Web Programming Introduction
     • Architecture of a website
     • Different technologies in making the website
     • Web Development Introduction
Chapter 2: HTML-Introduction
     • History of HTML
     • What you need to do to get going and make your first HTML page
     • What are HTML Tags and Attributes?
     • HTML Tag vs. Element
     • HTML Attributes
Chapter 3: HTML-Basic Formatting Tags
     • HTML Basic Tags
     • HTML Formatting Tags
     • HTML Color Coding
Chapter 4: HTML-Grouping Using Div Span
     • Div and Span Tags for Grouping
Chapter 5: HTML-Lists
     • Unordered Lists
     • Ordered Lists
     • Definition list
Chapter 6: HTML-Images
     • Image and Image Mapping
Chapter 7: HTML-Hyperlink
     • URL - Uniform Resource Locator
     • URL Encoding
Chapter 8: HTML-Table
     • < table >
     • < th >
     • < tr >
     • < td >
     • < caption >
     • < thead >
     • < tbody >
     • < tfoot >
     • < colgroup >
     • < col >
Chapter 9: HTML-Iframe
     • Using Iframe as the Target
Chapter 10: HTML-Form
     • < input >
     • < textarea >
     • < button >
     • < select >
     • < label >
Chapter 11: HTML-Headers
     • Title
     • Base
     • Link
     • Styles
     • Script
     • Meta
Chapter 12: HTML-Miscellaneous
     • HTML Meta Tag
     • XHTML
     • HTML Deprecated Tags & Attributes


Chapter 1: CSS2-Introduction
     • Benefits of CSS
     • CSS Versions History
     • CSS Syntax
     • External Style Sheet using < link >
     • Multiple Style Sheets
     • Value Lengths and Percentages
Chapter 2: CSS2-Syntax
     • CSS Syntax
     • single Style Sheets
     • Multiple Style Sheets
     • Value Lengths and Percentages
Chapter 3: CSS2-Selectors
     • ID Selectors
     • Class Selectors
     • Grouping Selectors
     • Universal Selector
     • Descendant / Child Selectors
     • Attribute Selectors
     • CSS - Pseudo Classes
Chapter 4: CSS2-Color Background Cursor
     • background-image
     • background-repeat
     • background-position
     • CSS Cursor
Chapter 5: CSS2-Text Fonts
     • color
     • background-color
     • text-decoration
     • text-align
     • vertical-align
     • text-indent
     • text-transform
     • white space
     • letter-spacing
     • word-spacing
     • line-height
     • font-family
     • font-size
     • font-style
     • font-variant
     • font-weight
Chapter 6: CSS2-Lists Tables
     • list-style-type
     • list-style-position
     • list-style-image
     • list-style
     • CSS Tables
     o border
     o width & height
     o text-align
     o vertical-align
     o padding
     o color
Chapter 7: CSS2-Box Model
     • Borders & Outline
     • Margin & Padding
     • Height and width
     • CSS Dimensions
Chapter 8: CSS2-Display Positioning
     • CSS Visibility
     • CSS Display
     • CSS Scrollbars
     • CSS Positioning
     o Static Positioning
     o Fixed Positioning
     o Relative Positioning
     o Absolute Positioning
     • CSS Layers with Z-Index

CSS Floats

     • The float Property
     • The clear Property
     • The clear fix Hack



Flask syllabus
     o introduction and overview
     o environment
     o application
     o routing
     o varibles rules
     o URL building
     o http methods
     o templates
     o static files
     o request object
     o sending form data to template
     o cookies
     o sessions
     o redirect and errors
     o message flashing
     o file uploading
     o extensions
     o mail
     o WTF
     o SQlite

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